Today, we would like to wish blessed Passover to our Clients and their loved ones, healthcare professionals, and our friends of the Jewish faith.

Alongside our warm wishes, we would like to share the short-version of the Passover story and the reasons this holiday is observed with such importance. Our country is the proverbial melting pot of freedom-loving people from around the world. Learning more about other cultures and religions enriches all of us.

The Passover Story

In short, Passover celebrates freedom and commemorates the Exodus of Israelites from ancient Egypt, where they endured centuries of slavery [1]. When God witnessed the oppression, he sent Moses to Egypt with the following message:

“Send forth My people, so that they may serve Me.”

When Pharaoh, Egypt’s ruler, refused the command, horrifying plagues destroyed the crops and livestock. On the 15 day of Nissan calendar the tenth plague killed all Egyptian first born. God passed over and spared the Children of Israel — henceforth the name of the holiday [2]. Fearful Pharaoh let his slaves go free. The Israelites left so quickly that their bread, which was being baked, failed to rise. This commenced another tradition of consuming matzah bread (flat, unleavened bread) during Passover. Freed Israelites accounted for 600,000 men, women, and children [3]. That was a massive number of people leaving Egypt and doing so at once. This exit became known as the Exodus, and started the journey of Israelites through the desert, the parting Red Sea, to Mount Sinai and the promised land.

This year Passover started last Friday evening, April 22nd, and will last for 8 days until the evening hours of Saturday, April 30th. During an evening Passover Seder ritual, which is observed on the first and second nights of the holiday, to commemorate the events Israelites endured in Egypt, matzah bread is being served. Guests also consume bitter herbs to remind them of the bitter days of slavery. Subsequently, four cups of wine or grape juice are drank to celebrate their newfound freedom.

Freedom is a precious gift from above. Celebrating Passover reminds not only the people of Jewish faith — but all of us — that such gift must be appreciated and celebrated.

Warm Wishes for A Blessed Passover!

With love for the Elderly…


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