Winter is in full swing and cold days will remain with us for another 8-10 weeks. Our Elderly parents are not the only ones who feel it. Neighborhood birds not only feel the cold, but they often lack access to food — especially when snowfall is heavy. Thankfully, our aging loved ones are ready to help those in need. They just need a little help from us, so they can help the birds. A large selection of bird houses or bird feeders is available in your local arts and crafts store or online sources. Bird feed is available in most big-box or even hardware stores. 

Getting a bird feeder or a bird house for Mom and Dad’s backyard will not only allow them to feed neighborhood birds. It will also make Mom and Dad feel needed again. That feeling of being needed and being able to contribute is very important for their emotional health. 

There is nothing more satisfying than feeding those little creatures who are in need during the winter. Watching them congregate around the backyard, gather around the feeder and partake of the birdseed is very emotionally fulfilling. You may find that Mom and Dad may switch away from television programming and commercials and start watching their birds.

Placing a bird house or a bird feeder in Mom’s backyard will prove to be a blessing not only for the birds, but also for Mom, Dad and the entire family.

Mom will have yet another reason to fill up her daily calendar. She will have yet another reason to get up in the morning with a smile as the hungry birds will be awaiting her in the backyard.

Happy bird feeding!

With love for the Elderly…

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