It is never too early to start planning for our parent’s care, change in their health as they age can create safety risks and the need for help at home can happen in an instant. Doing your research early and knowing that you have options, makes for a smooth transition when the time comes. It is important to first recognize and monitor sudden changes in mom and dad’s cognitive abilities, theses changes can be as simple as:

  •        Forgetting to eat, taking medication or missing appointments
  •        Loss of Interest in hobbies or daily activities
  •        Refusing to take baths, showers and maintaining their personal hygiene
  •        Strange and wield smells in the house
  •        Difficulty with mobility, balance, standing, walking, and getting in and out of bed alone.
  •        Frequent unexplainable bruising
  •        Frequent falls 
  •        Mood swings, getting angry over simple things.   

Change is hard and uncomfortable; change is scary because we don’t know what the future holds. However, when we plan ahead we can embrace change and adapt to the new changes accordingly.

As our aging parent’s health changes, so does their ability to live safely and comfortably at home. If you notice any of the above changes in their daily activities or if you just simply worry about them and need a peace of mind while away at work, talking with a home care provider should be your first step. Our care coordinator will help direct you, and help you understand the different levels of care available for your mom and dad. The best part is that they get the help they deserve and need in the most comfortable place of all, Their Own Home!