Top 6 Benefits of Home Care for Elderly Seniors Living with Diabetes

Managing everyday tasks gets hectic as people age, but it is even more difficult for those living with diabetes. According to American Diabetes Association the prevalence of diabetes in elderly adults is very high and every year 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. With such a large number of people falling a victim to this dependent illness, in-home care in Ohio for diabetic people cannot be overlooked.

Managing diabetes can get overwhelming for elderly citizens as their capability to stay active, cook meals, and monitor their blood sugar levels declines with time. Unmonitored diabetes can lead to serious complications and even death which is why you should consider home care for the elderly.

Top 6 Benefits of Home Care for Elderly Seniors Living with Diabatic

Elderly seniors can benefit greatly from a home care provider in Ohio like Amazing Grace Homecare, which provides professional and reliable caregiving facilities for your loved ones with diabetes. Here are the top 6 benefits of homecare for diabetic seniors:

1.    Monitoring the blood sugar levels

The biggest challenge that elderly diabetic patients face is keeping their blood sugar levels in check. Monitoring the blood glucose level is important in people with diabetes because it helps them be healthy and prevent diseases like kidney and vision loss. However, many elderly people have difficulty checking their blood sugar levels because of poor eyesight or some other existing condition like Alzheimer’s.

This is where the elder care in Ohio come in handy. The home care professionals make sure the seniors with diabetes have their glucose levels under control by checking them regularly. They keep records of their sugar levels in order to avoid any medical emergencies and to adjust their medicine doses.

2.    Scheduling a healthy diet plan

Nothing can heal a person faster than a healthy home-cooked meal. Homecare providers can schedule a diet plan for your elderly loved ones so you don’t have to worry about them feeding them. They can not only make a weekly diet plan for the senior adults but also cook meals for those who are too old or weak to do it themselves.

In elders with diabetes, having a healthy diet is nearly as important as taking the medications, which is why hiring a home care provider is the right choice. They create menus for the seniors that are both appropriate to their food preferences and enriched with nutrients necessary to maintain a normal blood glucose level. Only a trained home care professional can design a diet plan that can improve health.

3.    Getting medications on time

Taking medications on time is not something elderly people can keep up with on their own, especially if they have a co-morbid condition like Alzheimer’s disease. Taking insulin every day is miserable enough but there are few medications for diabetes that are taken orally which is even harder for some seniors. Older diabetic patients often forget to take their medicines on time which can have severe complications if repeated.

However, a home care provider makes sure they take their medicines on time by keeping a log of everything including their blood levels and medicine doses, and schedule. They remind them which medicine should be taken at what time and ensure they take it before moving on to something else.

4.    Support with movement and sight

Home care is practically essential for those diabetic seniors who have been living with diabetes for years. Because diabetes over a long period of time starts damaging the nerve endings and vision, making people unable to walk or see properly. Damage to the retina makes it extremely difficult to carry out everyday tasks let alone take care of their diabetes.

The same goes for damaged nerve endings caused by long-term diabetes. Seniors become prone to falling and other accidents while moving. Home care experts provide physical, medical, and moral support to elderly diabetic patients with these problems and help them live a quality life. They offer assistance with physical activities as well as everyday tasks that are affected. You can learn more about 10 Walking Benefits for Senior & Older Adults here.

5.    Prevention of loneliness

Staying at home all by yourself can get lonely even if you don’t have a disease like diabetes. Older people are prone to feeling alone and abandoned if they have no one to talk to or care for them. Having a caregiver in Ohio to stay with them and ensure they have company can improve their mental health.

Having a home care provider with your diabetic loved one means they get to chat with someone, play games, watch TV, and do lots of fun things in the comfort of their own home. This can prevent them from feeling lonely, which ultimately improves their physical and mental health. According to research by NIH, loneliness in older adults can lead to health risks like cognitive decline, heart disease, depression, and a weakened immune system.

6.    Help with chores and doctor visits

An in-home caregiver for your elderly loved one living with diabetes not only ensures they stay healthy and take medications on time but also helps them with daily chores. Home care experts spend time with elderly diabetic citizens and lend a hand in everything they do throughout the day like cleaning, cooking, and running errands.

They even take them to regular doctor visits so that medical emergencies can be avoided. Regular checkups with the physician are important for those with diabetes so that the medication doses can be adjusted according to their blood sugar levels. Home care providers maintain a complete history of the last medical check-up and set a reminder for the next follow-up so that everything stays normal.

Final Words

If you have an elderly loved one at home who is suffering from a serious illness like diabetes too, reach out to Amazing Grace Homecare for professional home care services in Ohio. If you can help them live a better life why shouldn’t you?

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