Sweet Home Family Medicine

Every Social Worker is a PPS

When it comes to Home, Home Care, and the Elderly, the Social Worker is often the most important person who empowers and

Cat Human Companionship
Emotional and Physical Health

Cats and the Elderly

Who does not love a soft, furry ball of love? Cats can make great companions — especially to the many lonely and

Best Dogs For Elderly Companionship
Emotional and Physical Health

Dogs and the Elderly

Today we will focus our discussion on dogs and the Elderly. Few weeks ago we wrote about the many benefits of improved emotional

Personal Home Health Care
Cleaning and Organizing

Time for Clearing before Cleaning

Today we will continue the topic of cleaning and organizing. However, before actual cleaning, let us do some clearing. We cannot clean

Home Care Agencies In Cincinnati Ohio

High-Surface Home Cleaning

Now that we have assisted Mom in clearing her “storage room” (don’t laugh — we all have one) and Dad’s overloaded garage, that

Social Workers Near Me

Vacuum First, Then Dust

We have decluttered Mom’s overloaded storage room and Dad’s garage. We have made the Home of our aging loved ones reasonably safe

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