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Every Social Worker is a PPS

When it comes to Home, Home Care, and the Elderly, the Social Worker is often the most important person who empowers and enables the Elderly. Social Workers allow them to stay in the place Seniors love most — their own Homes.

We always say that Home is the best medicine. According to AARP, 87% of Seniors desperately want to age and receive care at Home. With the skyrocketing numbers of hospital-acquired infections, Social Worker, by often preventing rehospitalization, plays a direct part in the health and well-being of our Seniors.

March is a National Social Worker month. Hug and thank a Social Worker in March, … and every other month and day you have an opportunity to do so. In our book, every Social Worker is a PPS. PPS is a title we give with pride and admiration, because PPS stands for Professional Problem Solver. Every Social Worker who serves the Elderly is a Professional Problem Solver, and many Seniors would have great difficulties staying Home without their help.

Social Workers help and advocate for Seniors in our communities with the following problems: 

• safe housing 

• proper nutrition counseling and referrals 

• access to transportation

• coordination and access to health care 

• access to basic benefits like Social Security 

• navigating the ever so complex maze of Medicare and Medicaid 

• access to other public service systems and referrals to needed services and resources

The above list is, of course, not exhaustive. Social Workers counsel and advocate for the needs of our aging loved ones and in a process become their PPS. They are especially helpful to those Seniors who do not have any family members living nearby. To many of those Seniors, Social Workers are like a Family.

Ask yourself: where would your aging Mother, Father or neighbor be without Social Workers?

The answer is probably not at Home, but in and between hospitals and long-term rehabilitation facilities.

Social Workers help Mom and Dad stay and receive care at their favorite place — their own Home. 

Social Workers are guarding and guiding Angels to many Seniors in your neighborhood, and we thank them for their often thankless efforts.

With love for the Elderly… and Social Workers

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