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Top 5 Engaging Home Care Activities for Seniors

Exercising both mind and body can help relieve stress. Stress is a health-limiting factor and can be especially harmful in old age.  Amazing Grace Elderly Homecare Service makes sure to always keep your loved one on the go while making use of engaging and stimulating physical and mental exercises.

Physical activities benefit in reducing the risk of developing heart diseases and helps manage diseases like diabetes. Different home care activities are expertly designed to reduce stress in seniors some of them include:

  • Setting small positive goals to complete each day
  • Simple yoga techniques are used to relax the mind
  • Occasional walks in nature help revitalize the soul

Amazing Grace Homecare has a list of many more activities besides the three mentioned above that are expertly designed keeping in mind the health requirement of each individual.

Some of the top home care activities are:

  1. Arts and Craft and Other Indoor Activities

Increasing self-esteem and giving yourself a purpose is the best way to always have high spirits. Creating art helps the elderly distance themselves from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. If their legs don’t work as well as before your loved one can still have the delight and satisfaction that comes with painting a beautiful picture or molding clay into the perfect art piece of their design with their capable hands.

The independence one feels while creating something or being productive is incomparable especially if your loved one has other limitations that come with aging.

Nothing beats the joy a person feels when gifting their art piece to a friend or family member and then watching them appreciate it.

Other activities that our elderly home care often encourages are board games and jigsaw puzzles that push the brain to think, remember and improve memory. Jigsaws are especially perfect for elderly people in their initial stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

2. Walking Each Day to Improve Muscle Movement

Exercising your leg muscles each day is a great way to keep moving without assistance even in old age.  Walking is the ultimate remedy to combat digestive problems and loss of motor function in the elderly.

Some of the additional benefits that walking brings your loved one are:

  • Helping them keep a healthy weight. Obesity brings many other diseases with itself. Elder individuals with obesity suffer a higher risk of stroke, hypertension, and other metabolic diseases.
  • Maintaining balance while walking- One of the things that are easy to lose with age is balance. Falling is a common occurrence for older people it leads to fractures that are not easy to heal because of age and poor health.
  • Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are avoided- Daily walking strengthens bones and makes them less susceptible to damages and fractures.

Before your loved one starts daily walking and light exercise it is important to consult a doctor because the time and intensity of the exercise should be set according to the health requirements of the elderly. Walking for longer periods may not be effective for people with lung or joint diseases.

3. Making Plans for Memorable Events

A properly worked out plan is another source of achievement and happiness your loved one can enjoy especially during troubling times. Loneliness is often a common feeling among the elderly and with COVID-19 on the rise no one needs reassurance and company more than a senior.

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Cheering up your loved one through the planning process can be easy. Just help them find a reason to celebrate or give them a reason to plan a celebration this celebration can be birthday parties or small family gatherings. Show them that it’s easy to find happiness when in the company of loved ones. This company can be physical but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can also simply be a virtual one.

4. Reading Is an Effective Way to Forget All Problems

Does your loved one have sleeping problems and increased stress levels? Reading is an amazing solution. Seniors who have an affinity for reading can find great joy in stories with tales that they are fond of. The best type of activities is those that help stimulate the problem-solving and remembering part of the brain.

Studies have shown that seniors who read analyze situations better and have a better ability of reasoning while providing valuable solutions.

An easy and simple remedy to fight sleeping problems is a cup of warm tea, light music, and the perfect book to soothe your mood. This helpful ritual performed each night allows seniors a way to relax and get that healthy amount of sleep they need to function perfectly each and every day.

5. Performing Music Therapy to Get In a Good Mood

Music has the ability to heal and this is a widely known fact. Music can help liven the mood and promote easy social interaction like making eye contact, it also helps with remembering the importance of social cues like taking turns.

Seniors can reminisce through old music or make new memories with new music if they prefer it. This also allows them to gain a sense of self through music.

Irritability is common in some seniors and music made with instruments like violins and pianos can help develop an environment where the elderly can relax and forget all worries.

Music also has the added benefit of bringing out emotions like sadness if one is feeling unhappy or intense joy if for example a person remembers a tune long forgotten. It is easy to bring out feelings of creativity and self-expression through the power of music. It is seen that even people who don’t show a lot of emotions are moved through good music.

Seniors can find joy in every moment with these fun, easy, and engaging home care activities. Are there any among these that your loved one would like to take part in? Let us know in the comments below!

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