Hot And Sour Soup Healthy

Worries Go Down Better With Soup

When it comes to Home Care, worries — especially health related worries, really do go down better with soup.

My grandfather lived a long life and enjoyed good health. During my childhood, I spent a lot of time around him. I often observed my beloved grandfather and wondered why he so often had a hot bowl of soup for lunch or dinner. He seemed to have a soup as the main dish almost every other day — especially during late fall, winter, and early spring. 

Was soup a poor man’s food — I wondered? We were poor, but not dirt poor. Thanks to his hard work and a bountiful garden which he loved and cultivated daily, we were never hungry. My grandfather, as he grew older, in addition to hot soups often insisted on wearing warm, thermal underwear — even during summer months. 

Interestingly enough, I now observe the same trends in my aging parents. Couple years ago, my father put away his short sleeve t-shirts and now insists on wearing only long-sleeve shirts and long underwear bottoms. He, too, always enjoyed hot tea and soups, but now, in his mid-seventies, he cannot live without them.

For some 20 years I lived in Connecticut, and I began to observe many Elderly flee the cold Northeast and move to Florida, Arizona — or at the very least the Carolinas.

As it turns out there is a simple explanation for the herein-above described “trends”. According to a New York Times’ article entitled “The Claim: Body Temperature Declines With Age”, as we grow older, the temperature of our bodies does decline [1].

Help your aging loved ones stay warm during the last couple of weeks of winter and early spring with a  hot bowl of soup.

Encourage Mom and Dad — or their Caregiver — to prepare a simple vegetable soup this week. 

In addition to keeping them warm, soup — by default — will help with proper hydration. High-fiber diet will also help your parents stay “regular”. Many Seniors, in order to stay “regular”, use synthetic fiber contained in many over-the-counter products which have terrible side-effects [2]. 

A bowl of fiber-rich vegetable soup is a much better and healthier choice.

The old proverb says: Worries go down better with soup.

Stay warm, stay healthy!

With love for the Elderly…


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